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You're welcome to use my imagery here, under Creative Commons Copyright licensing for non-commercial use (not in exchange for any monetary or equivalent gain/profit).

SOME of these videos (many finish line crossings, some running, some cowbell) were shot at 240fps, so you can slow-mo it pretty nice and smooth :-)

Stay tuned to this Creative Commons section here, as I have many years of pictures and video and projects I'd like to start adding.
(I figure - Hey - if I'm not editing, publishing or displaying my huge body of work from many places, people and things... SOMEbody oughta do something with it!)

If you do use anything here, I ask you to please:
1) credit me (@tc3imagery, Ted Coakley III, www.tc3imagery.com),
2) show me what you did with my imagery.

And if you'd like to gift/donate to support my efforts (no amount is too small), thank you :)

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