(as of 2013-06-12)

These are additional various galleries of my personal photography & film/video work, and some professional work not yet linked to on my main site.

By the way, I have lots more subject matter in my imagery than what you see here, available as stock photo/video, fine art photography suitable for hanging/display, and as examples of my style. If there is anything you don't see here, ask, as I may have something to show you.



        San Diego iconic -  Client:  John Hancock Mutual Funds in Boston

        The Eagle and the Condor: A Journey to Manjushree - Client: Amrit Davaa World Health
        Tawang glimpse - Client: Amrit Davaa World Health
        NOLA Rising: the 1st Mardi Gras after Katrina - Client: TC3Imagery (personal project)

        The Bowling Fables - Client: Fables by Barrie


        TC3 Imagery on FaceBook - variety of projects/categories/motifs
        TC3 Imagery on Flickr - variety of projects/categories/motifs (from 2011-2013)
        TC3 Imagery on Zenfolio - variety of projects/categories/motifs (posted for client viewing/sharing)

        Kid Coyote - child's imagination leads a visit to post-wildfire Madre Grande Monastery
        Loma Land - glimpse of Point Loma's history
        New Orleans Mardi Gras 2006 - 1st one after Katrina
        Random B&W - just that
        Random Acts of Gary - might as well.  one tiny corner, of many tiny corners. (see to try to understand)
        Tourmaline Surfers Memorial - nice little dedication in P.B.

        Style Tones - debut performance
        Ziggy Shuffledust - annual rebirth

Event Coverage
        House of Scotland - annual performance in Balboa Park
        House of Spain - annual performance in Balboa Park

        Balboa Park plants - a walk in the park

        Cuba - gallery not yet constructed (check back later)
        Denmark - gallery not yet constructed (check back later)
        England - gallery not yet constructed (check back later)
        India - partially completed gallery

        Jonny & Sally - England
        Sandy & Marina - San Diego
        Jason & Chelsea - San Diego
        Drew & Puma - San Diego